All the member of Shokha Moyukh was presented in the official opening of "Shokha Moyukh" blog. in future we think this blog will be a great media for communication with rest of the world. in future all the details of the members and up coming news will be flashed in this blog. so stay connected with us through this blog .

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SHOKHA MOIUKH, a newly organized cultural organization, celebrated Pohela Boishakh 1416 at the campus of Govt. B L College, Khulna with great joy and enthusiasm. It is a non-political organization organized by the interested student from different department of the college. They have started their first step through celebrating this traditional festival of Banglai where is no separation or difference of religion. As a beginning step of Shokha Moiukh and the best traditional festival it was a great challenge to them to success the program. Read more

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